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In the tough economic times, I imagine that there is one business that is thriving: the self-help book/programs.

I am a fan of Dave Ramsey and I have his book, “Financial Peace,” but let’s face it folks–this stuff is common sense and evidently, the U.S. is full of folks that doesn’t have any common sense.

I decided to search and discover what other kinds of self-help books/programs are out there. I found a website offering free self-help. Actually, it was the first one that was listed. The following is random stuff that I found on the website.

“Why You Should Use Fruits For Constipation”; “The Poop On Colonics”; and “Using Carrot Juice for Relieving Constipation” There must be a lot of people out there dealing with constipation.

“Too Tired to Lose Weight?”  So, that’s why I can’t lose weight–I get up early, go to work, run around after four children all afternoon, and collapse into bed every night. 

“Beating the Breakfast Rush Hour”  I get up a few minutes earlier and my kids know how to make their own oatmeal. I don’t stress out over trying to make a great breakfast every morning.

“You Cant Lose Weight If You Listen To Your Family And Friends”  No, you can’t becauseevery thing seems to revolve around food–or at least with my family and friend. They sabotage your efforts to lose weight.

“We’re Eating Ourselves to Death”  And this is the reason that we need all the self-help books on losing weight.

Using numbers is important, too. There are all kinds of “7 tips to blah blah blah” self-help stuff out there.

“De-Stress Yourself With Water Oxygen And Sunlight!” OK. Go to the beach if you want to de-stress yourself, but if you can’t afford this, then just breathe, take a nice bath, and go outside in the sun and just keep breathing.

“It Pays to Have a Good Attitude” I remember my grandmother, a very wise woman, saying that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. 

“Drink Deeply – Consuming proper amount of water”  Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t everyone know that 8 glasses of water or 64 oz of water is the standard amount of water to be consumed daily? I feel pretty sure that I have heard this somewhere…

“What is Stress & How do you Manage Stress?” If you don’t know what stress is, then why would you need to manage it? Seriously, don’t stress over defining stress.

“Meditation and visualization for relaxation” Find a happy place.

“Anxiety – what is it?” Again, don’t get all bent out of shape trying to define anxiety.

“5 Ways to Kick the Procrastination Habit!”  I will check this one out later.

“Does Social Anxiety Hold You Back?” Yes, and I am just fine with it.

“Making Life Count” Everyone’s life counts for something–just make it count for good not bad.

“You ARE loved”  I know.

“Useless Facts To Make Life More Fun” I just like this one.

“Making Christmas Meaningful” What? Remembering the meaning of Christmas will make it more meaningful.

“The Truth about McDonald’s and Children” They beg to go there every time they see the golden arches.

Christians are not immune to self-help books, either. Which is kind of an oxymoron now that I think about it. Honestly, the only self-help book a Christian needs is the Bible. Unfortunately, it is often the last book that some read for advise.

Honestly, it is not my intention to demean people that use self-help books, but to just simply make a point that sometimes we just need to step back, think about the situation, and use our common sense.

However, if you take a step back, think about your situation, and nothing comes to mind, then by all means–find a self-help book.


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My husband called me yesterday afternoon while I was on my way home from work. After a little chat, he told me that he had something to show me. He wouldn’t tell me what it was and I told him how rude it was to say you have something to tell or show then not tell what the what is. He just said that it was weird.

We have had so much stuff go wrong with this house that I think someone is going to have to come take me away to the crazy house (no offense to any of you that have actually been to the crazy house) if anything else happens. So, I know that whatever is weird has to involve the house. Anyway, I get home and Josh takes me out to the room that we have been renovating. Josh walks over to the far wall and just below a window are two perfect little holes about the size of small nail holes in the wall.

Our conversation was similar to the following:

Me: What is this?

Josh: Some critter is boring holes in our wall.

Me: What kind of critter?

Josh: I don’t know.

Me: Well, this is weird.

Josh: You are getting a kick out of this, aren’t you? (I was sitting in the floor looking at the holes very intently and wishing that I had a magnifying glass. I was also wondering how in the world did Josh see those tiny little holes in the wall in the first place.)

Josh leaves the room and then I see critter legs or antenna move out of the hole. I yell for Josh to come quick because the critter is trying to come out of the hole. Then I grab my phone. This is just too exciting:  I have to call my mom. I proceeded to tell her about the two little holes and the antenna.

My mom: Antenna??? (with a little giggle.)

Me: Yes, antenna. It is like little feelers. Maybe spider legs.

My mom: Sounds like termites.

Me: Are you sure that there aren’t hole boring spiders or something?

My mom: I really think it is termites. Oh my gosh! Do you think that could be why your floor in the kitchen gives a little? (Mom would bring up the fact that the floor in the kitchen gives a little, but I wasn’t too concerned because the house is kind of old. Now I was getting concerned.)

Me: I have to call dad. (My dad owns his own pest control business.)

I call my dad and I ask him the same question I asked my mom: Are there hole boring spiders?

My dad: Why? (very tentatively)

So, I explain the situation to him.

My dad: Is there a heater near by?

Me: Yes. Why? (my turn to tentatively ask why.)

My dad: Sounds like termites. They are probably going for the heat. It is a little early for them to swarm though. (Evidently the termites in my house don’t know this.)

Me: What do I do?

My dad: Catch one if you get a chance.

Me: Catch a termite?

My dad: Yes, even though I am positive that it is termites. If they start swarming, spray hairspray on them. (I don’t even own hairspray.)

Me: Why hairspray?

My dad: It makes their wings sticky and they can’t fly. Other than that don’t do anything to them, so that they will take the (I can’t remember what he called it, but it is whatever they spray for termites) back to the colony.

Great, now I have visions of termite colonies in the walls of my house.

OK. So, here is the situation. My room is finished and ready for us to move our bedroom stuff back in, but now I have to wait until next week because my dad is going to come over and take care of the termites on Monday. Josh unplugged the heater and now I am praying that it stays cold until Monday. Hopefully, the warm weather that we have experienced will stay away until after the house gets treated so that we do not have termites swarming in my house.

Oh, and Josh caught one that evidently managed to come out of the tiny little hole. So far, no more have come out.

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I think back to last Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was hectic. It always is hectic that time of year for me.

As I look forward to the next few months, I realize that Spring is actually the most hectic time of year for me and my family and I would not have it any other way.

Baseball and Softball season is just around the corner. I am not talking MLB. No, much more serious than MLB. I am talking about Babe Ruth, Little League, and Pee Wee. I am talking about the sport that makes some parents lose all sense. If you don’t have kids, then you may not know this but children’s baseball and softball is much more exciting than MLB. Don’t believe me, then just attend a few games and you will realize that some parents (and other relatives) take their child’s game very seriously. I have witnessed parents getting thrown out of the park for arguing with the ump. I can’t imagine the pressure some of these kids feel when they are playing.

Of course, I don’t behave this way. I just bribe them with a treat from Sonic if they hit the ball, bring in some runners, and make it home if it is possible.  I will confess that I yell encouragingly.

Jacob moves up to Babe Ruth this year. I am not exactly sure how I feel about my 13 year old being around the older boys. I mean, he will be playing with 15 year olds. I am not naive and I know that my son hears all kinds of stuff at school, but there is a little part of me that is not ready for my son to be having discussions with 15 year olds about what they did over the weekend. Especially, when my 13 year old does not do anything without me or a responsible parent of another friend around–and that is not often. I know that I am overprotective, but I think that is my job as a parent. Besides, I don’t think that he really minds all that much…yet.

Emily wasn’t sure if she wanted to play softball again this year. She is 11 and only began playing softball two years ago. She was so excited that she did not have to move up and could continue to play in the 12 and under group, because she doesn’t turn 12 until October. She is a little wary of the fastpitch softball.

Sebastian’s first year to play was last year and he was so cute! If you have kids that play, then you know that pee wee is such a delight to watch. Then, when they get older (like my older son) you really get into the whole entire game and make a fool out of yourself and embarrass your children. Jacob has gotton used to it. Sebastian will, too.

Samuel will only be months old during this season, but by next year, he will be walking and playing in the dirt while the games are being played. Then, before I am ready for him to be, he will be playing pee wee.

So, here I am: getting psyched up for the all the practices and games. Since I have three that are playing that will be a total of 6 practices a week until games start. When games begin, it will be a total of 6 games a week. My vehicle will be loaded down with three different ball bags. I will stress over when I am going to cook dinner and how late dinner is going to be. I will stress over trying to get the kids in bed by a decent time. Not to mention, there will have to be time for homework.

I guess I need my own gameplan.

I know it will be hectic and stressful, but to be able to watch my kids play ball and know the memories they will grow to have make it worth every gray hair on my head–even if I do dye them.

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Yesterday, I had to take Samuel to the doctor. He had a cough that just didn’t sound good. Well, I told you all in another post that the viral things were out to get my kids. He was positive for RSV. He is doing well, though. I am giving him breathing treatments every 4-6 hours and hopefully, he will stay out of the hospital.

Last night, Sebastian participated in a program at school. It was about our presidents. His part was about Andrew Jackson and he said it perfectly without an ounce of stagefright. I was so proud.

After the program, we had to go to Walmart. Samuel was coughing, Sebastian was saying he was hungry, Jacob was talking our heads off (he didn’t have his afternoon ADD medicine), and Emily somehow My father in law called to ask about Samuel’s well being at this moment.

I hung up from my father in law when we arrived at the Valentine aisle. I noticed that one of my best friends in the whole world was standing at the other end of the aisle. Then, in the most crowded aisle in Walmart, Samuel decided to spit up throw up his latest bottle. I did the best I could to clean up the spit up throw up with cloth diaper that I use for a burp cloth. Sebastian couldn’t decide which Valentine cards to get and Emily was telling me that I missed a spot on the floor–and my friend was gone. I didn’t even get to speak to her.

I finally get to the checkout and as we are leaving, my sis in law says that she doesn’t think that she wants kids.

I told her it usually isn’t that bad and now that I have four kids, it really doesn’t seem like I have a lot of kids. I don’t think she agreed.

She got the experience that she usually only hears or reads about. I hope that today she feels better about having children.

I don’t think that she needs to go to Walmart with the whole family again–or at least wait until Samuel isn’t sick, Sebastian isn’t hungry, and Jacob has had all his meds.

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The Letter “R”

I received a letter meme from a fellow blogger. My letter is R.

So, here it goes.

1.     Reading – Of course, reading would have to be on list. I am an editor.

2.     Ridiculousness – I use this word so often that it is ridiculousness.

3.     Red – Red is one of my favorite colors. It is associated with holidays such as the Fourth of July, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. The American flag is red, white, and blue. Red is an important color when it comes to driving: red lights, tail lights, stop signs. Red is also the color ink I use to edit. Red is the color of blood and I am hoping that a cure for Type 1 Diabetes will happen soon.


4.     Responsibility – People do not assume enough of it. I am trying to instill a sense of responsibility in my own children, so that they will provide for themselves, admit their mistakes and accept the consequences, and develop into responsible adults that always pay their taxes and do not blame me (their mother) for every little bad thing that happens to them or wrong decision that they make in their lives.


5.      Rush – I have to say that Rush Limbaugh keeps making headlines and apparently making folks red with anger (oh, this is fun). Also, I rush around too much in life and have to constantly make myself slow down. Other people rush around too much, too. Like when they are driving. One of my favorite quotes is from George Carlin: “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” This actually leads to my next R.


6.     Road Rage – Wow, double R. Road Rage is something I experience when I experience idiots and maniacs out on the highway. I am working on it, though. I am taking responsibility for my own ridiculousness.



7.     Realistic — There is nothing I can do to make those folks drive how I want them to, so I might as well be realistic. Also, I don’t particularly care for reality TV. I don’t think that it is really all that realistic when people know that they are being filmed. They just show off. There is a reason why people don’t know if they are taking the placebo or the real thing…it would cause biased results. I think the same is true for reality TV.


8.     Relax – Relax. Now, I need to do that more often. I do relax to watch House, The Closer, Trust Me, Life, and Criminal Minds. I am hoping that Raising the Bar comes back on soon. I also tell myself to relax when I am driving and I feel the road rage coming on fast because people are in such a rush.



9.     Remember – I tend to be forgetful, so I need help to remember things. I make lists about lists to help with my problem of forgetfulness. I am not a very organized person, hence the chore charts, schedules, and other organizational tips that I glean from Raising Five (another R).


10.  Reason – There is always a reason for everything, even if it doesn’t involve reason.  



If you want to try the Letter meme, then let me know and I will toss a letter your way.

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Jacob went to his endocrinologist last Thursday. After having an hA1c of 8.5 for the last two visits, I was ecstatic that the endo decided to go along with my idea of splitting his Lantus into 2 different doses 12 hours apart: 23 units in the morning and 23 units at night. I have been wanting to try this for a while.

Last Friday was the first day of splitting the insulin into two doses. I am very pleased with the results.

As of this morning, he has not had a blood sugar test over 200.

Also, he has only experienced a couple of lows (not extreme lows) that were easily brought up without overdoing it.

I know that the highs will come, but to have 5 whole days of less than 200 numbers is something that other parents of Type 1 Diabetic children will appreciate.

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The viral things are out to get my kids–and me.

I am not the kind of mother that runs her children to the doctor for every little cough, sniffle, or sneeze. However, when there is strep (and my daughter seems to get strep just by looking at someone) going around, I tend to be a little cautious of sore throats that look a little reddish.

Week before last, Jacob was sick with a sore throat. I took him to the doctor, because I just knew it was strep. It was not strep. It was a viral thing, but he did have an ear infection (apparently, the pain free kind). He got some antibiotics for the infection.

Last week, Sebastian had a sore throat. I just knew it was strep, so I took him to the doctor. It was not strep. It was a viral thing.

Now, Emily is experiencing a sore throat. No other symptoms at all. She is prone to get strep, so I call the doctor this morning to see if they can see her. Well, since she isn’t experiencing any other symptoms and another doctor just had a baby, they are completely swamped. I can call them back if she starts showing other signs, such as a fever. Right now, treat it like it is a viral thing.

I hate viral things. They keep psyching me out.

Next time, I will treat it as a viral thing and then it really will be strep. Double psyche-out for the viral things.

Oh, and my mom told me last night that it seemed like my kids were always sick. I told her that I have four kids. The more kids you have, the more sick kids you have.

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