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I have added another member to our household. Her name is Lucy.

She is some sort of hound mix. I am thinking maybe a black and tan hound with beagle.

Who knows? She might be just a mutt that looks like a hound. Either way, she is really sweet and I believe that she is going to make a really wonderful pet for our family.

She was stray that wandered up to a friends house and my friend unsuccessfully tried to find the puppy a home. After a month, she brought the puppy in to the office with the hopes that someone would take her. Someone else did for two days, but that situation did not work out. So, I brought her home with me.

I haven’t had a dog in years. I have never had a house dog.

She has something in common with everyone in the family, I think.

Lucy is house broken.  Most everyone in our home is, except for Samuel (he is still in diapers).

She is an older puppy. I have two older kids that would probably be the equivalent of older puppies.

She is a she. I have one daughter, so having another female in the house should be fun.

She likes her blanket. Sebastian does, too.

She likes going outside. My husband loves being outside. He claims that it is too hot, but he stays out there all the time so it can’t be too bad.

She sheds. I do, too. I think it is hormones, on my part at least. I seem to remember shedding hair after having each baby. That is not her problem, though.

My mother is staying with the kids and she sent me a text earlier that said “Lucy made a little sound. Sebastian said it was her first word.”

You got to love kids…


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