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The family is about to go to Florida for a week. We are going to visit family and probably visit the beach a few times, too.

I have been wanting to pack, but I know that it will not do any good to pack way ahead of time. I think that I am going to save most of it for Thursday night and Friday morning. We will be leaving Friday afternoon. Hopefully, the kids will sleep most of the trip down there.

Jacob made the JV baseball team. He is going to be a Freshman. He is excited about it.

Emily made the school soccer team and her practices will begin on July 27th.

Sebastian is playing fall ball (baseball) this year. I wanted him to play soccer, but he can’t do both. He chose fall ball.

Samuel is growing. He finally figured out that he does have a voice and that he can use it. He is the quietest baby I believe I have ever been around. He is too busy looking around at everything.

Josh is working hard in our garden.  We have told a couple of people to visit our garden and pick whatever is ready and they can have whatever they get. He planted some corn this year. He just knows that it will be ready while we are on our trip and he will not get to eat any of it.

I went on a youth trip last weekend. I still haven’t recovered from it. However, I am so glad that I went and we had an awesome time. Jacob and Emily went, too. They had an awesome time, also. We went to the Ramp.

Lucy is doing great after her little procedure that ensures that she will not be having any puppies ever. She is frisky like she hasn’t even had anything done to her, but she has the scar to prove that it was done.

A few little funny tidbits:

Apparently, Sebastian thinks that summertime is the time to take breaks from taking a bath everyday. I came home the other day and told him that it was ridiculous that he still had on the shirt that he wore the previous day.

Me: Sebastian, you need to take a bath. It is ridiculous that you have the same shirt on that you wore yesterday. Why can’t you take a bath during the day sometime? (This was somewhat of a rhetorical question.)

Sebastian: I like being dirty. (I could not keep a straight face after that one.)

Then, there is the dog kennel incident.

My cell phone is ringing…it is Jacob.

Jacob: So, I am sitting at the computer listening to music when I started hearing Sebastian crying. I got up and looked around for him. He was in the dog kennel. Emily locked him in the dog kennel because he called her crazy.

Me: (chuckling a bit) Well, she kind of proved his point, didn’t she?

Then, after Wednesday night’s church service:

Emily: I can’t believe that we left Lucy locked in that kennel the entire time we were at church. That is just so disgraceful.

Me: Locking Lucy, our dog, in a dog kennel is disgraceful, but locking your little brother in it is not?

Emily sort of huffed and puffed and rolled her eyes a little bit about that one.

Oh, the fun and crazy times in my house. Never a dull moment.

Somehow, I think the 11 hour car ride to Florida will not be dull either.


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Lucy ate my couch.

I have been telling Josh that we needed to get a kennel for her at home for when we are not at home. Unfortunately for my couch, we did not get a kennel soon enough.

It was the longest we had left her alone. We take her with us when we are able. We have left her alone long enough to go to church and an occasional ball game. Average Lucy time alone: 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

She was alone for about 5 to 6 hours on Saturday.

I would show you all a picture, but my cell phone is not cooperating with me right now. That is electronics for you.

Yesterday, we bought Lucy her very own kennel. Josh lovingly put it together. We successfully gave her a bath (that was an experience that I am glad we do not have to repeat every single day). We placed the kennel in our room so that she will still be in the room with us during the night.

She would not go in the kennel to save her life. We just left it open with her little blankie, rawhide bone, and a little surprise treat all placed inside to entice her to investigate her own little special room.

Fast forward to 3:45 am, after some major snoozing, I wake up to Josh telling Lucy “No, No, No.” I swear the man talks harsher to the kids. I rolled over, realized that Lucy went into her kennel, thought how nice it was that she was finally going into the kennel, then went back to sleep.

I talked with Josh earlier. I asked him why he was getting onto Lucy during the night.

She was sleeping on the leather recliner in our room.

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Yesterday I received the following text from Jacob: call me when u can. u gotta hear this.

I called him back.

Jacob: You are not going to believe this. Lucy (our new puppy that is supposed to be about 9 months old according to our vet) took Sebastian’s coffee cup to her pallet and did not spill a drop of the coffee (it is decaffeinated coffee). She took it to her pallet and drank it with out spilling it. Can you believe it?

No, I didn’t.

Me: (Laughing) Let me talk to Granny.

Jacob gives the phone to my mom that proceeds to tell me the same story that Jacob just told me.

Mom: Can you believe that dog picked up that cup and took it to her pallet without spilling any of the coffee?

Me: Are you sure that is what happened?

Mom: Well, Sebastian come to me and said that she drank his coffee. He was very upset. I asked him how she got his cup and he said that she took it to her pallet and drank it. I asked him how did she get it to her pallet and Sebastian said, “by the handle.”

Seriously? My mother is listening and believing the logic of a six year old.

Me: Where was the coffee at to begin with?

Mom: The table.

Me: Doesn’t it make more sense that Lucy drank the coffee from the cup, then took the cup to her pallet?

Mom: (after a moment of silence) Well, I guess that makes sense. I was just going by what the kids were saying. (Then she starts laughing about it.)

Me: I think so, too.

Here is the sad thing…before I talked to my mother about it, she seriously went around the path from the table to Lucy’s pallet to make sure that there wasn’t any coffee anywhere on the floor.

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