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When we moved into our house almost a year and a half ago, I began having what I call Birthday Dinners. It has worked out very well.

We celebrated Sebastian’s 7th birthday Saturday evening.

We spent most of Saturday morning cleaning. I went to the grocery store when I decided that my house could not be any cleaner. I had asked Sebastian over a week ago what he wanted to have for his Birthday Dinner and he said that he wanted chili and hot dogs. I baked cupcakes, too.

Everyone started arriving around 3:30 pm. We ate, sang Happy Birthday, and then Sebastian opened presents. It really was a great time. I am thankful for everyone coming and sharing the afternoon with Sebastian.

After everyone had left, Sebastian said, “That was the best birthday party ever!”

That was the best “Thank You, Mom” that a mom could ever get.


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School has started. Homework abounds. Irritable attitudes surface. Soccer practices and games have started. Fall ball practice begins.

My house is in complete and utter chaos right now.

Over the summer, my charts and schedules were put on the back burner. Now that school has started again, it was time to break out the charts and schedules and gain some order…in a hurry. 

Last week was a bust as far as my schedule and charts are concerned. Two sick kids will throw a kink in the plan every time.

This week has been great so far.

If you have a large family, need organizational help, or both; then, I recommend visiting Raising Five. I found this particularly useful. Maybe you will, too.

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Jacob bought a Michael Jackson CD over the weekend. We listened to it all weekend. He played it in his room. He played it in the car.

Sebastian really likes Beat it and Billie Jean.

We were going to a friends house Sunday and we were listening to the CD. Sebastian and Jacob were bickering a bit over which songs they wanted to hear. They wouldn’t say the title, just the track number because they both have their favorites memorized.

Josh and I were riding in the front and this was the convo from the back.

Jacob: Turn it to number 7.

Sebastian: No, I want to hear number 2.

Jacob: Well, it is my CD. I want to hear number 7. Mom, turn it to number 7 please.

Sebastian: Nooo! I want to hear number 2. Mom, turn it to number two.

Me: Let’s just let the CD play.

Sebastian: I am thirsty.

Jacob: But, I want to hear number 7.

Me: (Josh is pretending to be asleep, I think.) We will get something to drink soon.

Sebastian: I want to hear Dirty Dan.

Jacob: Dirty Dan?

Sebastian: Mom, can you turn it to Dirty Dan?

Me: (trying to suppress laughter) What number is Dirty Dan?

Sebastian: I don’t know.

Jacob: It is Dirty Diana, not Dirty Dan. (Nothing gets by that kid.)

Sebastian: Well, I call it Dirty Dan.

Jacob: Well, don’t call it Dirty Dan. Call it Dirty Diana.

Sebastian: I don’t want to. I say Dirty Dan.

Jacob: Dirty Dan doesn’t sound right, Sebastian.

Sebastian: Mom, I want to hear Dirty Dan.

Jacob: Sebastian, it is not Dirty Dan. Mom, tell him that it is not Dirty Dan.

Me: Sebastian, it is not Dirty Dan. It is Dirty Diana.

Sebastian: (As Dirty Diana begins to play…) Well, I say Dirty Dan. Mom, I am thirsty.

So, we basically go from arguing over which song to play, to discussing thirst issues, and then back around to playing a song that neither one of them were fighting to hear in the first place. Don’t you just love arguing riding in the car with kids?

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