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It has been a while…

Wow. I can’t believe that it has been so long since I actually posted on here.

Life just kind of happened. 

Let me sum it up for you.

Still happily married with 4 kids ages 16, 14, 9, 3.

1 diabetic (type 1) that still forgets to check and do shots.

2 sets of braces.


The oldest no longer plays baseball, but the youngest plays now. It is just so cute watching those 3 and 4 year olds play. So I still have two playing baseball.

Oh, hubby coaches two baseball teams now. My oldest son helps.

My daughter quite softball and started band. Percussion. She practices at school.

She sings too. All the time. I think she sings quite well actually. She also dances in the privacy of her bedroom. I know this because my hubby seen her when she didn’t know he was looking.

My job has changed somewhat…but for the better. Definitely blessed!

I attend a wonderful church and I have made some awesome new friends! Blessed here too!

I have read “Faith Begins at Home”. Awesome book! Not only did I read it, but I actually applied it to my life.

I read “Radical”. Awesome Book!

I no longer have Lucy (our dog). She mysteriously passed away. She is missed.

We don’t have any pets at all now. We do have a red fox that visits our neighborhood almost daily. I am not exactly sure what I expected a fox to sound like, but the sound I heard was not it.

I drink lots of Diet Coke now.

My oldest has a girlfriend that he has had for over a year.

Oh, and my oldest DRIVES now. Talk about a traumatic time in my life watching my oldest baby take off DRIVING. I have to go through that trauma three more times. Of course, all driving lessons are given by my wonderful and loving and patient hubby. What a blessing he is.

I am not as organized as I once was. I do still write down everything and create lists on top of lists, but somehow, I keep forgetting that I have a list.

I use coupons.

I love to use coupons.

I have a coupon book.

It is more organized than my life.


I think that sums up the last couple years fairly well.

Until next time…


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