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Crocheting Scarves


My first scarf.  I gave it to my mom.  She loves it and proudly wears it.

Green Scarf

The Green Scarf.

Green Scarf Close-Up

The Green Scarf Close-Up.


The Black and Gray Scarf.


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Kitty guarding my mother-in-law’s yard and pool.  The owl isn’t real, but its head moved. Spooky.


Monster cake and cupcakes at my nephew’s birthday Monster Mash.


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While shopping at Earthfare…


There is something just wonderfully special about milk in glass jugs…


and beautifully arranged produce.


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Tractor Sam and more…


Tractor Sam

Tractor Sam (November 2012)


First Day of School (30 July 2012)


My Road Has Heart.




Happy Mother’s Day

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As I headed home from my grandmother’s house on Thanksgiving, I noticed I had a rather large stick in my back windshield. So I asked, “Why is there a stick in my back windshield?”  My dear sweet child, Sebastian, said that he liked the stick and he was taking it home.

Yes, my child found a stick that he liked and decided to take it home. 

This short conversation has stayed on my mind ever since.  Why in the world would he need to bring a stick home? He never plays outside. 

Our yard is a barren wasteland of just plain old boring grass.  Perfect for smooth mowing, which is exactly what Josh is trying to accomplish, but it isn’t the best yard for the childhood imagination.

We don’t have rocks in our yard.  Josh gets rid of those.  He doesn’t want to run over it with the lawn mower.

We don’t have sticks in our yard.  Josh gets rid of those, too.  He doesn’t want to run over these with the lawn mower, either.

We don’t have leaves because Josh chops leaves up with the lawnmower.  Not sure why he does this.  Don’t they just disintegrate?

We don’t have old tires, overgrown flowerbeds, swings, picnic tables, overgrown roots, or rusted old stuff left over from 30 years ago.

I told Josh about the conversation with Sebastian and how there aren’t any sticks in the yard.  Of course Josh implied that he did wish the kids would play in the yard more.  Knowing better, I said, “Now just what would you say if you walked outside and seen the kids digging a hole in the yard with a stick?”  He chuckled and said, “I would tell them to stop.”

I am not sure where Sebastian put his stick, but hopefully he hid it well.  There is no rock, stick, or leaf in our yard that is safe from Josh, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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