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It feels good to be back.

I have been on Maternity Leave. It felt good to take a “vacation” from the computer, Internet, and work.

Now, I need to get back into groove again. The groove of rushing around and feeling like I am not accomplishing anything.

Rush to get ready, rush to get the kids ready, rush to get to work, rush at work because we are behind, rush to pick up the baby, rush to get home, rush to get supper done, rush to get baths, rush to bed, rush to sleep.

I am going to get myself together so that I don’t have to rush, rush, rush.

Another thing that I am going to do is get my oldest, Jacob (I haven’t used their names before but I am tired of using numbers. Besides, my friends are the only ones that read my blog anyway.), on track at school. I know every parent says their kid is smart, but he really is and it doesn’t show on his report card. He doesn’t like to do homework and this brings his averages down. But this is changing. I have talked this issue over with a few folks. I will blog about this later.

I am praying that my daughter, Emily, gets a part in the school play. She will be devastated if she doesn’t. She does a great Hannah Montana impersonation. Honestly, I don’t know if it is an impersonation or if it is from watching too much Disney Channel.

My son, Sebastian, is such a funny little man. He lurks around corners to scare everyone out of their skin. He is going through something right now though. He doesn’t do well with change and we all know that a new baby will bring about big changes. Plus, he has been the baby for six years.

The baby, Samuel, is so adorable: even at 3am. At seven weeks, he is showing some personality. He is alert and wants to see everything. He doesn’t like laying back. He wants to sit up all the time. I think he is going to hit the ground running. I am hoping that he is not going to be a picky eater. He doesn’t care if he gets the breast or the bottle as long as he is getting something. Not too many babies switch back and forth without fussing. I am currently trying to get him on a schedule. Now that I am at work, hopefully I will be able to accomplish this because so far he doesn’t want to be tied down to any sort of schedule.

I have started getting organized by picking up where I left off before I went on Maternity Leave. So far, so good. Still a ways to go though.

So, basically I need to do the following:

1. Tackle homework issues with Jacob.

2. Maybe slack up on how much Disney the kids watch. Nah…

3. Work through little (and sometimes big) changes with patience and lots of love.

4. Get a routine that works. For everyone.

5. Stop rushing  and slow down.

These five things shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish.

Yeah, right…


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December. Where did all of those 31 days go?

I remember December 1st clearly. That was the day that baby no. 4 arrived. It was a wonderful day. I remember my time in the hospital clearly.

Then I came home.

To a life that doesn’t stop because I have my fourth baby.

My daughter, the cheerleader, had her last cheering at a game when the baby was a week old. I went for an hour just to watch her cheer and meanwhile, the one week old sweet baby of mine was causing all kinds of havoc at home. He cried for almost an hour straight and three minutes before I get home he decided to give it up and go off to sleepytown. My husband did not find it amusing. I did. This is also when I decided that it might be a good idea to supplement with formula a little earlier than I had planned.

But before I bought any formula…

Christmas was fast approaching and I wondered why in the world didn’t I Christmas shop before I had the baby. Yep. Here I was with an almost two week old trying to Christmas shop while breastfeeding every two hours (but it felt like it was more often than that and I don’t remember it being so time consuming when I breastfed my other three). 

Now that it is all over and the kids are back in school, maybe I can get everyone back on schedule. December was not a good month for chore lists and such. I couldn’t even make time to get on the Internet or blog.

January is a new month and I have already began getting the kids back in the routine of things. So far so good.

Now, if I could just get baby no. 4 to cooperate.

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This hasn’t been a good week for posting, but it is the week of Thanksgiving plus I have the birth of my fourth child consuming my every thought–or so it seems.

Thanksgiving was great. I ate way too much food, but I ate so much that I didn’t even eat supper. Desert was my supper that night.

The day after Thanksgiving was spent with another side of the family. It was great too, but I really think that I was still full from the day before when I stuffed myself with stuffing and homemade macaroni and cheese. Yes, it was homemade mac n cheese–not the stuff from the box.

The kids are getting excited about the baby. I have kind of mellowed out when they question me about how I feel. Honestly, I think they have come to the same conclusion I have. This baby does not want to come out. Baby number 4 really likes it where he is right now and is refusing to give it up.

The good news is that if he hasn’t come by Monday, then I am to be at the hospital Monday morning to be induced. Basically, he can decide on his own to come out or else. I really like the or else, because I have fast labors and if I chose not to get the epidural then ok–but not making it to the hospital in time to get the epidural (like with no. 2) is a completely different story. Plus, I live about 45 minutes from the hospital and I do not want to be that woman on the side of the road with a frantic husband trying to deliver a baby and three other kids freaking out because my husband is having to deliver their baby brother. I mean, that could be traumatizing for life and make my daughter never want kids and my boys decide that it was just too risky to have kids because they don’t want to be that man on the side of the road delivering their own child.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and thought about what they were thankful for in their lives. I did.

But that is for another post.

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Last Monday, I was dilated to a 1. I am still basically a 1 and I am not liking it. The doctor I seen yesterday told me to come back in on Wednesday to see my regular doctor and maybe he will induce me since I have a history of short labors.

Of course, the first thing doctors or nurses want to know is how far apart the contractions are and how long they last. Yeah, right. Like it is that easy.

All day Sunday, I kept having contractions, but I couldn’t time them because they were irregular and some were stronger than others. Timing contractions just do not work for me. I try. Timing how far apart they are is hard enough without trying to time the length of the contraction. Then, there is always the self doubt…is this really a contraction?

This is no. 4 so I should be a pro at timing contractions. Nope. Sorry. Somehow, my mind is not wired to time contractions and besides…I never had to before.

No. 1–my water broke and I went to the hospital. I didn’t start having contractions until after I arrived at the hospital. The monitor did all the work on timing the contractions and letting me know that one was coming. From the time my water broke until he was born was 8 hours. I was only dilated to a 1 when I arrived at the hospital without any pain. The nurses said I couldn’t be in labor because I was just to happy. Labor = 8 hours.

No. 2–I woke up at 1am with constant pain that never let up. She was born at 3:10am. I couldn’t time her contractions before getting to the hospital because it was like having one continuous contraction. I didn’t even make it to the hospital in time for the epidural. I had her natural. Labor = 2 hours and 10 minutes (that I was actually awake and felt).

No. 3–I was induced due to stress and partly to avoid a delivery like no. 2. Again, the monitor did all the work. From inducing time to delivery time = 8 hours.

No. 4–So far, I am experiencing irregular contractions and other various signs that it is getting close, but hello–I am almost 39 weeks so how much longer could it be?

I am really tired of being pregnant and I am really ready for this wonderful baby boy to be born. I was ready to have my own personal pity party last night.

Oh, and my 13 y/o told me Saturday night that he was really tired and could I just not go into labor that night.

My wonderful children ask me every 15 minutes if I feel ok and if I am ready to go to the hospital yet. My oldest asked me what a contraption does. I explained to him that it was called a contraction–not contraption.

Last night, the questions consisted of about how I was feeling, if I was having contractions, if I was having contractions, then how far apart were they, and did I feel like this was the night because no. 1 was really hoping to get out of school the next day.

I finally told them that I didn’t want to discuss contractions, the hospital, or when I felt the baby would decide to make up his mind and come on out.

I told them that there was no one that was more ready for the baby to come than I was and that when the time came to go to the hospital that they would be the first ones to know.

I didn’t get anymore questions the rest of the night.

Or this morning.

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This week in my house…

This week in my house the chore charts from Raising Five have been a little harder for the kids to stick to because everything from our bedroom (mine and the hubby) has been placed somewhere throughout the entire house, so that my husband can get the addition that we are going to use as our bedroom finished. Once and for all.

He is hoping to get it done before baby no. 4 arrives.

I don’t see it happening.

Other happenings from this week:

SOMEHOW, the curtain rod in the laundry room fell, but NOBODY knows how it fell. Of course, my daughter was in there hanging clothes from the dryer, but she did not have anything to do with it falling. Other than this little episode, I am very pleased with how the shower curtain rod is working out in the laundry room.

I am trying to keep up with the Company Girl points. I missed one of the things this week, but that is ok. I am not doing it to win the prize. I am doing it, so that it helps me stay on task each week. Plus, it helps having something that is all my own.

The family planning schedule is working out nicely, too. Everyone knows where everyone is supposed to be and when except that no one knows when No. 2 should be picked up from school. If she has tutoring, she is picked up at 4:15. If she has cheer leading practice, then she is picked up at 4 or 4:30. I don’t know, but it is getting frustrating because now the school is getting frustrated. She doesn’t have anything going on next week, since it is a holiday week. Maybe I can get a handle on times whenever the baby is born and I am not working.

No. 1’s blood sugar is getting better. Earlier this week, he had a day when it never got under 200. I don’t like those days. Yesterday was a good day and he was 100 this morning when he woke up. This is good. (His goal is to be between 70 and 125.)

No. 3 still has not been taken to get a hair cut. That is on my list of things to do this afternoon or in the morning. Preferably, sooner than later.

Proud parent moment: No. 3 memorized his part for the Christmas program at church and he did not have a nervous breakdown this week during practice because he didn’t know the words to the songs. I am hoping this is a good sign that he will not have a meltdown when I tell him that I have nursery duty at church this Sunday.

My hallelujah moment this week was when the doctor told me I was dilated to 1.

The funniest thing that happened this week was my husband trying to “unstop” the tub.

The worst thing that happened this week is that my husband keeps finding stuff wrong with the house.

Future big purchase: We are going to have to have a new hot water heater soon. I want the biggest water heater they have, but I don’t think I am going to get it.

Our family planning schedule is going to be very thin this coming up week. I don’t want to make any commitments that I might not be able to keep. I am optimistic that I am going to go into labor sometime before Thanksgiving.

Nothing like thinking positive thoughts.

***In the spirit of Thanksgiving, next week try to think of things that you are thankful for and count your blessings.

For example, I am thankful I have a house even if it is falling apart.

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Working mom with a neat freak husband, a 13 y/o son with Type 1 Diabetes and ADHD, an 11 y/o daughter experiencing all the girl drama, a 6 y/o son with tendencies that resemble OCD (he gets it from his neat freak father), and a baby boy due in December (stay tuned for his quirks–I am sure he will have some).  I was inspired by other blogging mothers to write about my own experiences as a mother/wife/woman trying to balance a Christian family/home and a career. Believe me–some days are better than others, so I thank God for every day that He gives me to have the opportunity to get it right.

I came across a blog the other day that inspired me to blog about my own experiences as a mother of three, soon to be four, children. Life is pretty chaotic in my house. I want to use this as a way to experiment with tips given from others, record how these tips work for my family, and perhaps add a few tips of my own.

My goal is to reach other mother’s out there that struggle with raising kids and maintaining control when surrounded by chaos. I don’t want to feel like every day’s goal is to just get my kids in bed so that I can collapse from exhaustion in my own bed. I want to enjoy life and enjoy every moment of raising my children–even the moments that I feel like pulling my hair out (or theirs).

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