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You don’t know how much you take your kitchen sink for granted until you can’t use it.

The other day I received a phone call from my husband. I didn’t get to the call in time so I had to call him right back.

The first thing he said when he answered the phone was that he couldn’t win from losing. This was not a good sign. I braced myself and asked “What’s wrong, now?” (Notice the ‘now’…there is always something wrong with the house.)

Jacob was washing dishes and noticed this strange sound every time he would turn on the water, but he didn’t try to figure out what the noise was because he just wanted to get the dishes done so he could go back and play his PlayStation 2. Josh walked through the kitchen and noticed the sound. My husband wasn’t as quick to dismiss the sound like Jacob, so he investigated to see where the noise was coming from. He opened the cabinet and the pipes under the sink was leaking.

It was about 4:15pm and the hardware store closes at 5pm so he had to go get the supplies to fix the sink. He gets back and fixes the sink.

Of course, it isn’t that simple.

There is another leak, but now it is after 5pm. So, he had to wait until the store opened up again.

Yesterday afternoon, he was able to fix the sink and now we are able to use the sink.

By the way, Jacob has been told that if he is doing anything and he hears a noise that is weird, not to ignore the noise.


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It is a sad day at my house when I am the only one that has it all together.

Let me explain. I am what some might call scatterbrained. I call myself that, too. I am forgetful and often to the point that someone might even think that I didn’t care about whatever it was that I was supposed to remember, but really and truly my mind is somewhere else–Sonya’s own little world. Sonya’s World also makes me run late quite often, too. I even forget to leave work when I am supposed to and then I run late getting home. Sad, huh?

lose misplace items all the time: keys, check card, makeup bag, purse, cell phone, occasionally my car in Walmart parking lot, and other things. I have developed my own system for dealing with my habit of misplacing stuff, just because my mind is on something else at the time.

My keys: I always place them in the same place every day as I walk into my home. It is a cute little fish dish.

My Purse: I drop it into the same spot every day.

My Makeup bag is a little harder to keep up with. It stays in the same spot, but sometimes I don’t have time to put on makeup before I leave the house so I take it with me and then I forget that it is in the car until the next morning when I am ready to put on my makeup. It is a vicious cycle.

I always park in the area of the parking lot at Walmart. It just makes it easier to find that way.

I will put my cell phone down anywhere. I find it all over the house. I have even had to call it before so that I can hear it ring, but then half the time I realize that it is on vibrate. A quarter of the time, I have left the thing in the car. I will only realize this after calling it 5 times, realizing it must be on vibrate, and I have torn the house apart searching for it.

Knowing how I am, I have been determined to get organized. I have lists everywhere. Lists that I have forgotten about. I have lists for the kids. I have a huge desk calendar at work and at home with everything listed on it. I don’t know how much more I can do.

The other day, I was on my way home. I had just picked up baby Samuel from the sitter. It was 5pm. Jacob had a Chiropractor appointment at 5:15pm. I called Josh.

Me: Hey, I just picked up Samuel. I am on  my way. Tell Jacob to be ready when I get there.

Josh: Oh, Shoot.

Me: (I could tell this wasn’t going to be good.) What?

Josh: Jacob went to hit balls with Stanley. (Stanley was Jacob’s baseball coach last year and Jacob is really good friends with Stanley’s son.)

Me: Well, do you know where they are?

Josh: No, but he took the cell with him. (The cell that Jacob’s father bought him…not me.)

Me: OK. Well, I will be there in a minute. You know, I have it written on The Calendar.

Josh: I don’t look at The Calendar.

UGH! Can you feel my frustration? I thought that my husband was the one that had it all together. He is the neat freak in the family. I just assumed that neat freaks would be great at organizational stuff. Perhaps, I am wrong…or it is just him. Anyway, for me to be the one that has it all together in the family is sort of comical really. Since when is the most scatterbrained person in the family the one that seems to know what is going on and when it is happening. It all comes down to determination and constant vigilance on my part to have a routine for everything. Repetition is the key for me.

The Calendar is our command station. It is where I communicate to my family, as well as telling them, that this is what is on the agenda for our family. The Calendar and our lists are a way to remain organized. Having and maintaining a routine is crucial for my family. Apparently, I need to make some revisions to their lists.  

I need to add “Look at The Calendar” to my family’s lists–either that or stick a post-it note on their foreheads.

By the way, we did make it to Jacob’s appointment–barely.

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In the tough economic times, I imagine that there is one business that is thriving: the self-help book/programs.

I am a fan of Dave Ramsey and I have his book, “Financial Peace,” but let’s face it folks–this stuff is common sense and evidently, the U.S. is full of folks that doesn’t have any common sense.

I decided to search and discover what other kinds of self-help books/programs are out there. I found a website offering free self-help. Actually, it was the first one that was listed. The following is random stuff that I found on the website.

“Why You Should Use Fruits For Constipation”; “The Poop On Colonics”; and “Using Carrot Juice for Relieving Constipation” There must be a lot of people out there dealing with constipation.

“Too Tired to Lose Weight?”  So, that’s why I can’t lose weight–I get up early, go to work, run around after four children all afternoon, and collapse into bed every night. 

“Beating the Breakfast Rush Hour”  I get up a few minutes earlier and my kids know how to make their own oatmeal. I don’t stress out over trying to make a great breakfast every morning.

“You Cant Lose Weight If You Listen To Your Family And Friends”  No, you can’t becauseevery thing seems to revolve around food–or at least with my family and friend. They sabotage your efforts to lose weight.

“We’re Eating Ourselves to Death”  And this is the reason that we need all the self-help books on losing weight.

Using numbers is important, too. There are all kinds of “7 tips to blah blah blah” self-help stuff out there.

“De-Stress Yourself With Water Oxygen And Sunlight!” OK. Go to the beach if you want to de-stress yourself, but if you can’t afford this, then just breathe, take a nice bath, and go outside in the sun and just keep breathing.

“It Pays to Have a Good Attitude” I remember my grandmother, a very wise woman, saying that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. 

“Drink Deeply – Consuming proper amount of water”  Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t everyone know that 8 glasses of water or 64 oz of water is the standard amount of water to be consumed daily? I feel pretty sure that I have heard this somewhere…

“What is Stress & How do you Manage Stress?” If you don’t know what stress is, then why would you need to manage it? Seriously, don’t stress over defining stress.

“Meditation and visualization for relaxation” Find a happy place.

“Anxiety – what is it?” Again, don’t get all bent out of shape trying to define anxiety.

“5 Ways to Kick the Procrastination Habit!”  I will check this one out later.

“Does Social Anxiety Hold You Back?” Yes, and I am just fine with it.

“Making Life Count” Everyone’s life counts for something–just make it count for good not bad.

“You ARE loved”  I know.

“Useless Facts To Make Life More Fun” I just like this one.

“Making Christmas Meaningful” What? Remembering the meaning of Christmas will make it more meaningful.

“The Truth about McDonald’s and Children” They beg to go there every time they see the golden arches.

Christians are not immune to self-help books, either. Which is kind of an oxymoron now that I think about it. Honestly, the only self-help book a Christian needs is the Bible. Unfortunately, it is often the last book that some read for advise.

Honestly, it is not my intention to demean people that use self-help books, but to just simply make a point that sometimes we just need to step back, think about the situation, and use our common sense.

However, if you take a step back, think about your situation, and nothing comes to mind, then by all means–find a self-help book.

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There are several things that I want to post about today.

1. We had to have an electrician come out to our house yesterday to inspect our wiring in the addition on our house. Josh’s cousin’s husband built the room when they were living there and just didn’t finish it. When we took over the house (because they apparently had the money to start projects in the house, but not the money to actually pay for the house), we have to fix all of his screw ups. Now, this guy (Josh’s cousins husband) thinks that he knows it all, but I have news for him: a two year old knows more about electricity than he does. Anyway, I am glad that we had to tear out a 3ft x 15in. piece of wall because the electrician found a short where the know-it-all-who-knows squat connected a black wire to a red wire. Apparently, this is a major no-no. At first, I blamed it on the devil trying to make my life harder, but now I think God was looking out for us. Now, Josh just has to repair the wall and install our ceiling fan, then we can move into our brand new bedroom.

Lesson: Professionals are professionals for a reason. They know more about their profession than you do.

2. Sebastian received a blue sad face yesterday at school. This is as low as you can go. You have to pass through all the other colors before getting to blue: orange, yellow, green, red, blue. Usually he has orange or yellow. He has received one green, one red, and now one blue. He has started having more meltdowns at home, too. I think reality has set in that he is no longer the younger one in the house and everything has changed and he is not liking it one bit.

I spent extra time with him last night before bed. Maybe if I make it a habit to spend an extra 15 minutes with him a night will make him feel better.

3. This morning I contemplated dreads. That would be just one less thing I would have to do every morning. Well, it was just a thought. Josh, my employers, my kids (especially Jacob and Emily), and most of my friends would not like it.

Besides, I don’t know if I would be able to cover the gray. Then, I would just look like an old woman with dreads. Nope. Not happening.

4. Apparently, my mom and Josh’s parents will have nervous breakdowns if I were to become pregnant again.

The conversation with my mom yesterday went like this:

Me: well, I have some bad news.

Mom: oh, no! do I even want to know?

Me: What? Uh, what are you thinking? Mom…I am NOT pregnant if that is what you are thinking.

Mom: (sigh of relief) Oh, well, my heart just dropped when you said that. (little laugh) So, what is your bad news.

My mother is scared to death that I am going to have another baby. Why? She told me to stop while I am ahead with four healthy children.

Josh talked with his mom and during the conversation he was told that one of his cousins was expecting. She then started telling Josh how we need to be careful and mind our P’s and Q’s.


He told her that he was a grown married man. I told him that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that they all think that having four kids is enough. He seems to think that they want his brother to have a baby before (if we do) have another baby.

I told Josh that this makes me want to have another baby just because. I know…that is real mature. Well, I would never do that and that is what makes me an adult that is fully capable of making my own decisions: including decisions about birth control.

I feel much better now.

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Me versus my son versus the school.

Yes. I know that is three players.

I want my son to do his homework, my son doesn’t want to do his homework, and I can’t tell what the school wants.

Who is going to win?

It better be me.

I have given my son his very own agenda book to write down important stuff. For example, homework and maybe even when a test is going to occur. I was going to check this against the teacher pages at his school.

It would be useful if the teachers would keep their pages updated.

Again, I am stuck taking Jacob’s word for it (again) that he is doing what he is supposed to do because I have nothing to check it against for accuracy.

I emailed all of his teachers last week and I only received a response from two (2 out of 5) teachers.

I am not discouraged.

I checked the web pages again today. Three out of five had theirs updated. I emailed the two that did not and I will email them again tomorrow if I haven’t received a response. I might even call the school, again (this is a long story that is way too long for a blog and would require a blog all of its own).

You know the saying about a squeaky wheel.

Note To Teachers:

I know that “they” say that parent involvement is down in schools. Well, this is one mom that seems to believe that teacher involvement might be down, also. No offense to all you hard working teachers out there that take their job seriously.

Therefore, if a web page is too difficult to keep up (and it might be for some of you old school school teachers), then try using a blog. It might be easier.

It’s just a thought.

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