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My office sits in a Cube Farm.

I wear headphones quite a bit while I am working so that I can tune out the noise around me.

I was having trouble staying awake this morning so I decided to go out and get my CDs.

I came back in and put in this upbeat CD in my CD player.

I sat down, ready to work.

There wasn’t anything coming out of the headphones. I turn up the volume. Nada.

I try a different CD. Still nothing.

I was becoming frustrated because my headphones were working before I went out to get my CDs.

Then, I had one of those should have had a V8 moments.

I was trying to turn up the volume using the Tuning knob, instead of using the Volume knob. The Volume was turned all the way down, of course.

I am happy to report that my headphones are fine and that all my CDs that I tried in the CD player still has music on them. 

Have a blessed day!


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My husband called me yesterday afternoon while I was on my way home from work. After a little chat, he told me that he had something to show me. He wouldn’t tell me what it was and I told him how rude it was to say you have something to tell or show then not tell what the what is. He just said that it was weird.

We have had so much stuff go wrong with this house that I think someone is going to have to come take me away to the crazy house (no offense to any of you that have actually been to the crazy house) if anything else happens. So, I know that whatever is weird has to involve the house. Anyway, I get home and Josh takes me out to the room that we have been renovating. Josh walks over to the far wall and just below a window are two perfect little holes about the size of small nail holes in the wall.

Our conversation was similar to the following:

Me: What is this?

Josh: Some critter is boring holes in our wall.

Me: What kind of critter?

Josh: I don’t know.

Me: Well, this is weird.

Josh: You are getting a kick out of this, aren’t you? (I was sitting in the floor looking at the holes very intently and wishing that I had a magnifying glass. I was also wondering how in the world did Josh see those tiny little holes in the wall in the first place.)

Josh leaves the room and then I see critter legs or antenna move out of the hole. I yell for Josh to come quick because the critter is trying to come out of the hole. Then I grab my phone. This is just too exciting:  I have to call my mom. I proceeded to tell her about the two little holes and the antenna.

My mom: Antenna??? (with a little giggle.)

Me: Yes, antenna. It is like little feelers. Maybe spider legs.

My mom: Sounds like termites.

Me: Are you sure that there aren’t hole boring spiders or something?

My mom: I really think it is termites. Oh my gosh! Do you think that could be why your floor in the kitchen gives a little? (Mom would bring up the fact that the floor in the kitchen gives a little, but I wasn’t too concerned because the house is kind of old. Now I was getting concerned.)

Me: I have to call dad. (My dad owns his own pest control business.)

I call my dad and I ask him the same question I asked my mom: Are there hole boring spiders?

My dad: Why? (very tentatively)

So, I explain the situation to him.

My dad: Is there a heater near by?

Me: Yes. Why? (my turn to tentatively ask why.)

My dad: Sounds like termites. They are probably going for the heat. It is a little early for them to swarm though. (Evidently the termites in my house don’t know this.)

Me: What do I do?

My dad: Catch one if you get a chance.

Me: Catch a termite?

My dad: Yes, even though I am positive that it is termites. If they start swarming, spray hairspray on them. (I don’t even own hairspray.)

Me: Why hairspray?

My dad: It makes their wings sticky and they can’t fly. Other than that don’t do anything to them, so that they will take the (I can’t remember what he called it, but it is whatever they spray for termites) back to the colony.

Great, now I have visions of termite colonies in the walls of my house.

OK. So, here is the situation. My room is finished and ready for us to move our bedroom stuff back in, but now I have to wait until next week because my dad is going to come over and take care of the termites on Monday. Josh unplugged the heater and now I am praying that it stays cold until Monday. Hopefully, the warm weather that we have experienced will stay away until after the house gets treated so that we do not have termites swarming in my house.

Oh, and Josh caught one that evidently managed to come out of the tiny little hole. So far, no more have come out.

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Yesterday, I had to take Samuel to the doctor. He had a cough that just didn’t sound good. Well, I told you all in another post that the viral things were out to get my kids. He was positive for RSV. He is doing well, though. I am giving him breathing treatments every 4-6 hours and hopefully, he will stay out of the hospital.

Last night, Sebastian participated in a program at school. It was about our presidents. His part was about Andrew Jackson and he said it perfectly without an ounce of stagefright. I was so proud.

After the program, we had to go to Walmart. Samuel was coughing, Sebastian was saying he was hungry, Jacob was talking our heads off (he didn’t have his afternoon ADD medicine), and Emily somehow My father in law called to ask about Samuel’s well being at this moment.

I hung up from my father in law when we arrived at the Valentine aisle. I noticed that one of my best friends in the whole world was standing at the other end of the aisle. Then, in the most crowded aisle in Walmart, Samuel decided to spit up throw up his latest bottle. I did the best I could to clean up the spit up throw up with cloth diaper that I use for a burp cloth. Sebastian couldn’t decide which Valentine cards to get and Emily was telling me that I missed a spot on the floor–and my friend was gone. I didn’t even get to speak to her.

I finally get to the checkout and as we are leaving, my sis in law says that she doesn’t think that she wants kids.

I told her it usually isn’t that bad and now that I have four kids, it really doesn’t seem like I have a lot of kids. I don’t think she agreed.

She got the experience that she usually only hears or reads about. I hope that today she feels better about having children.

I don’t think that she needs to go to Walmart with the whole family again–or at least wait until Samuel isn’t sick, Sebastian isn’t hungry, and Jacob has had all his meds.

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There are several things that I want to post about today.

1. We had to have an electrician come out to our house yesterday to inspect our wiring in the addition on our house. Josh’s cousin’s husband built the room when they were living there and just didn’t finish it. When we took over the house (because they apparently had the money to start projects in the house, but not the money to actually pay for the house), we have to fix all of his screw ups. Now, this guy (Josh’s cousins husband) thinks that he knows it all, but I have news for him: a two year old knows more about electricity than he does. Anyway, I am glad that we had to tear out a 3ft x 15in. piece of wall because the electrician found a short where the know-it-all-who-knows squat connected a black wire to a red wire. Apparently, this is a major no-no. At first, I blamed it on the devil trying to make my life harder, but now I think God was looking out for us. Now, Josh just has to repair the wall and install our ceiling fan, then we can move into our brand new bedroom.

Lesson: Professionals are professionals for a reason. They know more about their profession than you do.

2. Sebastian received a blue sad face yesterday at school. This is as low as you can go. You have to pass through all the other colors before getting to blue: orange, yellow, green, red, blue. Usually he has orange or yellow. He has received one green, one red, and now one blue. He has started having more meltdowns at home, too. I think reality has set in that he is no longer the younger one in the house and everything has changed and he is not liking it one bit.

I spent extra time with him last night before bed. Maybe if I make it a habit to spend an extra 15 minutes with him a night will make him feel better.

3. This morning I contemplated dreads. That would be just one less thing I would have to do every morning. Well, it was just a thought. Josh, my employers, my kids (especially Jacob and Emily), and most of my friends would not like it.

Besides, I don’t know if I would be able to cover the gray. Then, I would just look like an old woman with dreads. Nope. Not happening.

4. Apparently, my mom and Josh’s parents will have nervous breakdowns if I were to become pregnant again.

The conversation with my mom yesterday went like this:

Me: well, I have some bad news.

Mom: oh, no! do I even want to know?

Me: What? Uh, what are you thinking? Mom…I am NOT pregnant if that is what you are thinking.

Mom: (sigh of relief) Oh, well, my heart just dropped when you said that. (little laugh) So, what is your bad news.

My mother is scared to death that I am going to have another baby. Why? She told me to stop while I am ahead with four healthy children.

Josh talked with his mom and during the conversation he was told that one of his cousins was expecting. She then started telling Josh how we need to be careful and mind our P’s and Q’s.


He told her that he was a grown married man. I told him that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that they all think that having four kids is enough. He seems to think that they want his brother to have a baby before (if we do) have another baby.

I told Josh that this makes me want to have another baby just because. I know…that is real mature. Well, I would never do that and that is what makes me an adult that is fully capable of making my own decisions: including decisions about birth control.

I feel much better now.

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Let me just begin by saying that I have the best sister-in-law ever.

She came over yesterday and helped Jacob with his homework. She said that everything was calm and things were going good until Emily and Sebastian were through with their homework. Apparently, this is when the chaos began. Jacob told her that it was difficult to focus on homework when Emily and Sebastian were done with their homework. My sis n law asked him about going to his room with the door closed to do his homework. His reply: “oh, then I wouldn’t do my homework.” She told him that at least he knew that about himself. I agree. I have a feeling this honesty is what got him in trouble at school when he told the teacher that he just didn’t feel like doing his homework.

The following is an example of my “there is always a reason” rule.

Yesterday, Emily had on a sweater jacket that belongs to me . I told her to go hang it up in the closet where it belonged. A little later, I was hanging another jacket up and noticed that she just stuck the sweater in there through the hanger instead of hanging it back up.

Me: Emily. (I yell because I am too lazy to walk to wherever she might be.)

Me: (When Emily walks into the room) What exactly is this?

Emily: Your sweater.

Me: I know that it is my sweater. What exactly did I tell you to do with the sweater?

Emily: Hang it up.

Me: Is this hung up?

Emily: No, ma’am.

Me: Why didn’t you hang it up like I asked?

Emily: I don’t know.

Me: Yes, you do know. Now, why didn’t you hang it up like I asked?

Emily: Because, I was trying to hurry and didn’t want to take the time to do it.

Me: Then, please hang it up right.

Then, she commences to hanging it up and she has to own up to the real reason why she didn’t do it. Of course, if you do this then be prepared for the answers you get. Laziness is a common answer and one that I accept because, I too suffer from laziness.

Anyway, Jacob was able to complete his homework. It took him a while to do it, but at least it was done.

My sis n law told me that it was chaos in my house. She understands why I try to make schedules, chore charts, and such. I need order.

To my sis n law: Thank you for helping Jacob and for being such a great friend. Also, don’t let my zoo turn you against having kids. I want to be able to spoil a niece or nephew or two sometime in the future 😉

Note: I have finally figured out my tag line for this blog with this post!

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Life just isn’t fair.

At the suggestion of a friend, I made an account on Facebook. I already have a Myspace page that I occasionally check. So, I decide to check my Facebook page (after having it for a couple of months and never logging on again until now). Can I just say that Facebook is kind of creepy? It just KNOWS stuff.

I have friend suggestions. I have folks over on the side that I might know because I went to school with them or some such.

This is sort of a sore subject for me, but high school was not fun for me.  I know what you are thinking. High school is not fun for anyone. Well, from my point of view it looked like my classmates were enjoying it a whole lot more than I was.

I wasn’t popular. I wasn’t a cool kid. I wasn’t a slacker. I was just me.

Oh, I had friends. I had cool friends, I had not so cool friends, and I had friends that were secret friends. Get your mind out of the gutter…they were that secret.I just didn’t seem to have a collective circle or group of friends. Even if I had a friend in the cool group, I wasn’t cool enough to hang out with them. I might have had a friend in the stoner group, but I wasn’t a stoner so I didn’t get to hang out with them, either. Bummer, I know. I couldn’t balance on a skateboard to save my life, so that group was out, too.

The only group I ever belonged to was the hippie kids from the hippie farm. That was at a different school and a whole other story.

Anyway, the concept of connecting with all the folks I went to school with seems innocent enough. There are quite a few that I actually talked to and knew I existed. Then, there are the ones that knew you existed, but didn’t care if you existed or not. You know, you were good enough to make fun of and to gossip about, but not good enough to be friends with.

Looking back, I can’t believe I cared that much about what people thought. Now, I don’t care what folks think about me–much to my children’s dismay.

I thought about my kids and how they would have to deal with these same issues–trying to be cool or being cool and staying that way. 

Then, I realized that I have been teaching them how to deal with it. 

The following are tidbits that I have told them or explained to them at some point or another in their lives. Sometimes more than once.  

1. Life isn’t fair. I tell them this constantly.

2. Always do your best even if you don’t always get recognized for it. Not everything is a competition or a race.

3. Pray for bullies. They need it because they bully you to feel better about themselves. Obviously, these folks have issues they need to deal with. Sometimes, you have to stand up to a bully and tell them like it is–but still pray for them, too.

4. Girls are girls and boys are boys. People will gossip, back stab, and betray you. I tell my daughter that if a boy is too sweet then run away and if he is not sweet enough then run away. I tell my son the same thing. True relationships are not like they are on TV or movies. Disney channel is not reality TV.  

5. Sometimes the best friend you ever have during Junior High and High School is a member of the opposite sex.

6. You will get made fun of. Period. How you react will usually determine how long the “joke on you” will last.  Laughing at yourself is ok, too.

7. It is ok that not everyone likes you. You don’t like everyone, do you?

8. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

I could go on and on, but I will stop here. I know that these will all be lessons that they will have to learn on their own.

Just as I have.


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Weekend Madness

Sam’s Club is a wonderful place, especially if you have a large family. Now, I know that I only have three children and that may not seem like an unusually large family, but if you could see how my 13 y/o eats then you might understand where I am coming from on this topic. I am not exaggerating when I say that my 13 y/o son eats enough for two people and sometimes more.

A typical meal for my son is 2 large plates of spaghetti (about 3 cups at least), at least 2 pieces of Texas toast, about a cup of corn, a yogurt or two, a beef jerky, and if that isn’t enough then he might get a couple of rice krispy treats or gummy fruit snacks. Then, an hour later, he is ready to eat again because he is just starving and can’t wait for two hours until his insulin is out of his system and he can have a snack.

Seriously, the child eats that much. Usually, in about 10 minutes. I told him last night that evidently he came out starving and has never been able to get full.

Well, my 13 y/o likes going to Sam’s because of the cheap snack food bar and for all of the free samples. The child loves that he can just walk up and get a sample of food for free, but is really disappointed if it is not exactly the greatest thing he has ever tasted.

We went to Sam’s this past Saturday and we walk into a madhouse frenzy of folks. I don’t know whether these folks were there to get free samples of food or if they were there to actually shop. Maybe they were there to eat lunch for free. I don’t really know, but it was scary.

Little did I know that my children would join all the mad fun and decide to stand in line for a bite size free sample of chicken. My mother even joined in the crazy fun.

My head began to ache. 

I picked up a few things on my mental list and a few things that were not on my mental list. I forgot to get the french toast sticks because the aisle they were on was blocked by a hundred people trying to get beef wellington samples.

Then, my 6 y/o decided he had to go potty, so I made my 13 y/o take him. I headed toward the front of the store toward checkout. I thought I would see no. 1 and no. 3 on their way out of the restroom. I was wrong.

Every line had at least 8 customers waiting and I just got in the closest line. I sent no. 2 to look for no. 1 and no. 3.

No. 2 came back without finding them. My mother went searching for no. 1 and no. 3. Of course, no. 2 went with her.

Meanwhile, no. 1 and no. 3 found me in the checkout line and exclaim that they have been looking all over the store for me.

I asked them if Granny and no. 2 found them and they said no. So, I kept no. 3 with me and sent no. 1 to go find Granny and no. 2 to let them know that they had found me.

We all finally came together at the checkout and the kids went to the snack bar to get something to eat.

Apparently, the free samples were not enough.

My 13 y/o (no.1) was happy to get a slice of pizza that was bigger than his head and a large drink.

My 6 y/o (no.3) was happy to get a hot dog longer than his arm and a large drink.

My 11 y/o (no. 2 and the only girl) just wanted a drink. Apparently, the free food didn’t settle well with her stomach.

I was just happy to get out of that crazy place and away from all the crazy folks in there waiting in line trying to get a bite size piece of chicken and beef wellington samples for free.

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