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I realized yesterday that I have a serious pet peeve that I haven’t given much thought to in the past.

Yesterday, I visited the restroom at my work. After washing my hands, I reached to get a paper towel and it was the last paper towel on the roll. You know, the one that seems to be glued to the tube. On the counter were two unopened paper towel rolls. I used the one that was glued to the tube, opened up a new roll, and placed the roll on the paper towel holder. It wasn’t that difficult.

I have had this same exact thing happen with the toilet paper at work. Someone was kind enough to leave just enough toilet paper on the roll to cover the tube. Even my kids will go ahead and use that toilet paper and just leave the empty roll, which is better than someone leaving just a little on the tube to justify not having to reach under the sink and grab another roll.

People that leave one little piece of paper on the paper towel roll or the toilet paper roll to get out of replacing them with a fresh new one for the next person really get on my nerves. I would rather have a completely empty paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. I don’t know about you, but that last piece of toilet paper or paper towel isn’t enough.

Now, I wonder how many of those people that leave that last piece of paper on the roll use less paper themselves just so they can have just enough to leave on the roll?


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