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Kitty guarding my mother-in-law’s yard and pool.  The owl isn’t real, but its head moved. Spooky.


Monster cake and cupcakes at my nephew’s birthday Monster Mash.



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I have seriously neglected my blog for the last few weeks.

I have seriously been really busy.


Jacob, Emily, and Sebastian are all playing ball. They all have two games a week. Times are getting hectic.

Jacob’s first game was last night. He played great. Bless his heart, he was nervous and excited. I know that I may be a little biased, but my son was the best looking ball player out there.

Emily has been playing for a couple of weeks. She is doing good and she seems to be getting better and better. She really enjoys it and I hope that she keeps playing.

Sebastian is doing really well, too. He has been playing for a couple of weeks, too. Josh took him to the game last night and was giving Sebastian pointers on batting. Sebastian said that he didn’t want to hit the ball too hard and hurt someone. Josh was a little speechless, I think. He told Sebastian that “That is why they have gloves, son.” Sebastian  hit a ball over the shortstops head and got a double and an RBI.

Last night was really hectic because Emily played at 7pm, Jacob played at 8pm, and Sebastian played at 8:30pm. I watched Emily and Jacob while Josh watched Sebastian’s game.

I know one thing–it was cold last night. It is past the middle of May. Last night had to set record lows. I had mittens on Samuel. He did not like that at all.

Anyway, ball season is in full swing. I am loving it.

I love sitting on the sidelines watching my kids be kids. I love to watch their excitement when they hit a ball and get on base or even make it across home plate. I feel their disappointment when they strike out, miss the ball, or make a bad throw. I love watching them make memories that will last a lifetime. I love knowing that they are learning skills that will benefit them for a lifetime, such as working with others toward a common goal, always doing your best at whatever you do, and realizing that not everyone is an all star pitcher, but that everyone has their place on the team.

Whatever that team may be.

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I would think that traditions are important to a lot of people, especially around the holidays. Some traditions are complex while others are simple. Some involve religious beliefs while others do not. Who knows, you may have a tradition that you don’t even think of as a tradition.

I was thinking about the traditions in my own family. We have traditions such as doing crafts at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even something as simple as having my Grandmother’s Chicken and Dumplings at every holiday could be viewed as a tradition.

I think about how my mother and I would go out to eat, then to the movies every Saturday when I was a teenager. That was sort of our mother and daughter time. Even now, I still go shopping (most of the time it is to Sam’s or the grocery store) with my mom on most Saturday’s. We don’t get to the movies much anymore, but I feel like we have continued the tradition of spending time together on Saturday’s.

Now that I have my own children, I am thinking about traditions that I celebrate with them. Sadly, I can’t think of anything really significant that we could call a “tradition” other than attending church, but I don’t know if this qualifies as a real tradition. I think that my family gets so caught up with life that we forget to stop every now and then and enjoy being together as a family.

So, I need some inspiration! I want to hear about your family traditions.   🙂

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I have to brag about my son a little.

My son went from being an honor roll or solid B student to barely passing when he went to Junior High. After spending most of his 7th grade year, trying to make him do what he was supposed to and failing because there was a lacking response from teachers; I decided to call the superintendent this year when it seemed that the 8th grade was going to be a repeat of last year.

This seemed to get the ball rolling. Teachers are cooperating. Jacob is doing what he is supposed to in class and he is actually doing his homework. My sister-in-law is involved trying to give Jacob a little boost. I think this has helped him more than anything, because he likes the attention he is getting from someone else other than me. My sister-in-law even made him sign a contract with goals and all. Kudos to my sis-in-law!!!

Yesterday was Pi Day at school. Pi Day is officially March 14th, but that is on a Saturday this year and it falls during Spring Break. I didn’t even know that there was actually a Pi Day.

They had a party during his math class with fun Pi Day activities that count for extra credit. Jacob desperately needed extra credit.

He created a Pi shirt. It said “I Eat π” and the back had 3.14 below his name. The shirt was simple to do. I went to Walmart and bought some ink jet printer iron-on transfers. We created the design, my sis-in-law printed it off for us since our printer is out of commission, and then I ironed it on–easy as Pi.

Jacob also memorized the following Pi digits: 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510.

He memorized those numbers in just two 30-minute memorization sessions.

Somehow, he can memorize all these numbers and regurgitate them without any problem, but he can’t remember to check his blood sugar before he eats or do his shot after eats and he has been a Type 1 Diabetic for almost 10 years.

There was also a Pi song that I gave him orders to sing. I don’t care how embarrassing it is for a 13 y/o to stand up and sing the Pi song–it was extra credit and he was doing it.

Anyway, I just wanted to brag on my son a bit. He deserves it after singing the following song in front of the class.

The Pi Song

(to the tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree”)

Oh, number Pi

Oh, number Pi

Your digits are unending.

Oh, number Pi

Oh, number Pi

No pattern are you sending.

You’re three point one four one five nine,

And even more if we had time,

Oh, number Pi

Oh, number Pi

For circle lengths unbending.

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I think back to last Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was hectic. It always is hectic that time of year for me.

As I look forward to the next few months, I realize that Spring is actually the most hectic time of year for me and my family and I would not have it any other way.

Baseball and Softball season is just around the corner. I am not talking MLB. No, much more serious than MLB. I am talking about Babe Ruth, Little League, and Pee Wee. I am talking about the sport that makes some parents lose all sense. If you don’t have kids, then you may not know this but children’s baseball and softball is much more exciting than MLB. Don’t believe me, then just attend a few games and you will realize that some parents (and other relatives) take their child’s game very seriously. I have witnessed parents getting thrown out of the park for arguing with the ump. I can’t imagine the pressure some of these kids feel when they are playing.

Of course, I don’t behave this way. I just bribe them with a treat from Sonic if they hit the ball, bring in some runners, and make it home if it is possible.  I will confess that I yell encouragingly.

Jacob moves up to Babe Ruth this year. I am not exactly sure how I feel about my 13 year old being around the older boys. I mean, he will be playing with 15 year olds. I am not naive and I know that my son hears all kinds of stuff at school, but there is a little part of me that is not ready for my son to be having discussions with 15 year olds about what they did over the weekend. Especially, when my 13 year old does not do anything without me or a responsible parent of another friend around–and that is not often. I know that I am overprotective, but I think that is my job as a parent. Besides, I don’t think that he really minds all that much…yet.

Emily wasn’t sure if she wanted to play softball again this year. She is 11 and only began playing softball two years ago. She was so excited that she did not have to move up and could continue to play in the 12 and under group, because she doesn’t turn 12 until October. She is a little wary of the fastpitch softball.

Sebastian’s first year to play was last year and he was so cute! If you have kids that play, then you know that pee wee is such a delight to watch. Then, when they get older (like my older son) you really get into the whole entire game and make a fool out of yourself and embarrass your children. Jacob has gotton used to it. Sebastian will, too.

Samuel will only be months old during this season, but by next year, he will be walking and playing in the dirt while the games are being played. Then, before I am ready for him to be, he will be playing pee wee.

So, here I am: getting psyched up for the all the practices and games. Since I have three that are playing that will be a total of 6 practices a week until games start. When games begin, it will be a total of 6 games a week. My vehicle will be loaded down with three different ball bags. I will stress over when I am going to cook dinner and how late dinner is going to be. I will stress over trying to get the kids in bed by a decent time. Not to mention, there will have to be time for homework.

I guess I need my own gameplan.

I know it will be hectic and stressful, but to be able to watch my kids play ball and know the memories they will grow to have make it worth every gray hair on my head–even if I do dye them.

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The Letter “R”

I received a letter meme from a fellow blogger. My letter is R.

So, here it goes.

1.     Reading – Of course, reading would have to be on list. I am an editor.

2.     Ridiculousness – I use this word so often that it is ridiculousness.

3.     Red – Red is one of my favorite colors. It is associated with holidays such as the Fourth of July, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. The American flag is red, white, and blue. Red is an important color when it comes to driving: red lights, tail lights, stop signs. Red is also the color ink I use to edit. Red is the color of blood and I am hoping that a cure for Type 1 Diabetes will happen soon.


4.     Responsibility – People do not assume enough of it. I am trying to instill a sense of responsibility in my own children, so that they will provide for themselves, admit their mistakes and accept the consequences, and develop into responsible adults that always pay their taxes and do not blame me (their mother) for every little bad thing that happens to them or wrong decision that they make in their lives.


5.      Rush – I have to say that Rush Limbaugh keeps making headlines and apparently making folks red with anger (oh, this is fun). Also, I rush around too much in life and have to constantly make myself slow down. Other people rush around too much, too. Like when they are driving. One of my favorite quotes is from George Carlin: “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” This actually leads to my next R.


6.     Road Rage – Wow, double R. Road Rage is something I experience when I experience idiots and maniacs out on the highway. I am working on it, though. I am taking responsibility for my own ridiculousness.



7.     Realistic — There is nothing I can do to make those folks drive how I want them to, so I might as well be realistic. Also, I don’t particularly care for reality TV. I don’t think that it is really all that realistic when people know that they are being filmed. They just show off. There is a reason why people don’t know if they are taking the placebo or the real thing…it would cause biased results. I think the same is true for reality TV.


8.     Relax – Relax. Now, I need to do that more often. I do relax to watch House, The Closer, Trust Me, Life, and Criminal Minds. I am hoping that Raising the Bar comes back on soon. I also tell myself to relax when I am driving and I feel the road rage coming on fast because people are in such a rush.



9.     Remember – I tend to be forgetful, so I need help to remember things. I make lists about lists to help with my problem of forgetfulness. I am not a very organized person, hence the chore charts, schedules, and other organizational tips that I glean from Raising Five (another R).


10.  Reason – There is always a reason for everything, even if it doesn’t involve reason.  



If you want to try the Letter meme, then let me know and I will toss a letter your way.

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