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The Letter “R”

I received a letter meme from a fellow blogger. My letter is R.

So, here it goes.

1.     Reading – Of course, reading would have to be on list. I am an editor.

2.     Ridiculousness – I use this word so often that it is ridiculousness.

3.     Red – Red is one of my favorite colors. It is associated with holidays such as the Fourth of July, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. The American flag is red, white, and blue. Red is an important color when it comes to driving: red lights, tail lights, stop signs. Red is also the color ink I use to edit. Red is the color of blood and I am hoping that a cure for Type 1 Diabetes will happen soon.


4.     Responsibility – People do not assume enough of it. I am trying to instill a sense of responsibility in my own children, so that they will provide for themselves, admit their mistakes and accept the consequences, and develop into responsible adults that always pay their taxes and do not blame me (their mother) for every little bad thing that happens to them or wrong decision that they make in their lives.


5.      Rush – I have to say that Rush Limbaugh keeps making headlines and apparently making folks red with anger (oh, this is fun). Also, I rush around too much in life and have to constantly make myself slow down. Other people rush around too much, too. Like when they are driving. One of my favorite quotes is from George Carlin: “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” This actually leads to my next R.


6.     Road Rage – Wow, double R. Road Rage is something I experience when I experience idiots and maniacs out on the highway. I am working on it, though. I am taking responsibility for my own ridiculousness.



7.     Realistic — There is nothing I can do to make those folks drive how I want them to, so I might as well be realistic. Also, I don’t particularly care for reality TV. I don’t think that it is really all that realistic when people know that they are being filmed. They just show off. There is a reason why people don’t know if they are taking the placebo or the real thing…it would cause biased results. I think the same is true for reality TV.


8.     Relax – Relax. Now, I need to do that more often. I do relax to watch House, The Closer, Trust Me, Life, and Criminal Minds. I am hoping that Raising the Bar comes back on soon. I also tell myself to relax when I am driving and I feel the road rage coming on fast because people are in such a rush.



9.     Remember – I tend to be forgetful, so I need help to remember things. I make lists about lists to help with my problem of forgetfulness. I am not a very organized person, hence the chore charts, schedules, and other organizational tips that I glean from Raising Five (another R).


10.  Reason – There is always a reason for everything, even if it doesn’t involve reason.  



If you want to try the Letter meme, then let me know and I will toss a letter your way.


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